The number of mobile devices on the market (e.g. mobile phones as well as MP3 players) is growing daily. To enable you to use the most attractive devices in your MINI, our specialists continuously check the compatibility of these devices with the connectivity products offered by MINI.

After parts of the vehicle software have been updated, MINI offers the option for recently tested Bluetooth or USB devices to be used in the vehicle. You can perform this software update yourself. To do so, all you need is a standard USB device with sufficient memory capacity. Of course, your MINI Service Partner will also have a USB device in stock for you to purchase.

To perform a software update, you require the following options:
‘Bluetooth Mobile Preparation with USB Audio Interface’ (option code 6NE) as well as the ‘Radio MINI Visual Boost’ (option code 6FP) or the ‘MINI Navigation System Business’ (option code 6UM).

Your vehicle can be updated as long as you have the ‘Software update’ option on your ‘Settings’ menu.

This updated software is specifically provided to support new mobile devices.


MINI Connected and MINI Connected XL App for


iPhone and Android.


Join the revolution in in-car infotainment. Download the MINI Connected App free of charge in the Apple App Store.


Before you download the update, please pay
attention to the update information and the user agreement.


User Agreement
of Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft
(as of 08/2016)

1.Subject of Agreement & scope of application of license agreement

The subject of this Agreement is the providing of the software “Update für BMW CE-Device Steuergerät” (hereinafter referred to as “software”) by Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Petuelring 130, 80809 Munich (hereinafter referred to as “BMW”) to the end user (hereinafter referred to as “licencee”) for downloading on an USB stick and a following installation on his or her vehicle.

This license agreement regulates the granting of rights to the licencee only concerning the propriety components of the software. If and to the extent to which the software contains open source components, the granting of rights applies to the valid licensing terms for open source software which is attached as text file to the respective software package. This license agreement subsequently applies solely insofar and to the extent to which within the licensing terms for open source software there are no other regulations contained.
A list of open source licenses used by BMW and the wording thereof is attached as a text file to the respective update package which can be downloaded here:

2. Copyrights in the software

The software is protected by copyright. BMW is the sole owner of the exclusive, irrevocable, assignable, unlimited rights of use in the software throughout the universe in perpetuity. BMW reserves all rights in the software, including but not limited to all rights to publish, reproduce, propagate, change, modify, exploit the software.

3. Granting of rights of use

BMW grants herewith free of charge to the licencee the simple, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right to use the software exclusively for the installation on his or her vehicle.
In particular, licencees are prohibited from altering or copying the software (except for the purpose of installation on the vehicle), creating products derived from the software, transferring the software or any copy to a third party or exploiting it commercially.

4. Duration

The right of use is valid for an indefinite period of time. The right of the licencee to use this software is removed automatically if he or she violates one of the terms of this Agreement.
In this case the licencee is obliged to uninstall the software on his or her vehicle.

5. Warranty

BMW provides the software to the licencee an “as is” basis. BMW is not responsible for defects of quality or title except in case of bad faith.

6. Liability

BMW is not liable as far as the licencee uses devices not released by BMW for the installation of the software during the download of the software and its installation on his or her vehicle or does not download or install the software according to the installation instructions.
BMW is only liable in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence.
Independently of any possible default, the liability of BMW remains unimpaired in cases of malicious nondisclosure of a given defect or those covered by the German Product Liability Act. The limitation of liability of this chapter does not apply in the event of injury to life, body and health.

7. Choice of legal venue and law

The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this Agreement is Munich, Germany, except as otherwise provided by law. This Agreement shall be governed by German law.

Enter Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Please enter the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before you can download the software update. You’ll find the VIN on your Vehicle Registration Certificate.